Jamie’s Tarantulas…My Favorite Place to Shop!

Dealer Jamies

A little history…

For those who have read any of my blogs, you know that I tend to buy the majority of my stock through California-based vendor, Jamie’s Tarantulas. When I first made the decision to purchase some more tarantulas, I researched and read reviews on a half-dozen popular online vendors. Although there were a lot of great dealers out there (and I have since ordered from most of them), Jamie’s really stood out.

Not only did Jamie’s have the two tarantulas I was looking to purchase (a Chromatapelma cyaneopubescens and a Lasiodora parahybana), but she also offered feeder roaches and  a wonderful selection of enclosures for all sizes of Ts.  That one-stop convenience made all the difference, and after a couple email conversations in which she was amazingly helpful to someone new to the hobby, I placed my first order.

Since then, I’ve ordered 11 more times, and every single transaction has been amazing. During this time, I’ve purchased 25 tarantulas from her, and each and every one has arrived healthy and has thrived in my care. I also own 15 of her enclosures and plan to buy several more of her large acrylic cages in the future.

My latest order…

For the past several months, I had been scouring the internet in search of Phormictopus sp. purples. So, when I awoke one morning to discover that Jamie was advertising P. sp. purple slings in her latest newsletter, I was elated. My favorite vendor had a tarantula I had been desperately searching for for most of the year, and the price was much less than I had planned on paying. Wasting no time, I quickly snatched up three slings along with some moss and a water dish for one of my larger Ts.

As always, communication was fantastic, with Jon getting back to me immediately about my order. To date, I have never had a problem with either Jamie or Jon getting back to me quickly, and they are both always incredibly friendly and pleasant. They have even emailed after a shipment to make sure that everything arrived safely. That’s great customer service.

Although they offer several options, Jamie’s has the lowest shipping cost with a live arrival guarantee (LAG) at $17. With this option, the animals are shipped USP Priority and take 2-3 days to arrive. Her packing has always been fantastic (I once had Ts arrive safely even with temps in the single digits), so the extra day or or two has never been an issue. My package was shipped promptly, and it arrived in two days.

Once again, the packing was fantastic. The priority box was lined with foam insulation, and the items were surrounded by packing peanuts.  There was no room for shifting. In the winter months, Jamie always includes a heat pack, but due to the warm temps in my state, none was required for this shipment. The animals themselves were packed well with moist paper towels in small deli cups.

My box, just opened, from a recent order from Jamie's Tarantulas.

My box, just opened, from a recent order from Jamie’s Tarantulas.

This is the box opened and with the top layer of foam removed. I took the items out of the peanuts to better display them.

This is the box opened and with the top layer of foam removed. I took the items out of the peanuts to better display them.

My new acquisitions were in great shape and quite lively, and all three ate immediately after being rehoused. To date, all of my purchases from Jamie’s have arrived very healthy and ready to eat. It’s obvious that she takes great care of her stock. As my other tarantulas in the Phormictopus genus grow very quickly, I chose to house these in Jamie’s Juvenile enclosures.

One of three 1.5" Phormictopus sp. purple tarantulas I just acquired.

One of three 1.5″ Phormictopus sp. purple tarantulas I just acquired.

Jamie’s Tarantulas continues to be my favorite online vendor for all things tarantulas. Her communication is excellent, her shipping prices are unbeatable, the prices are always reasonable, and her packing is perfect. For folks new to the hobby, Jamie and Jon have proven to be wonderfully supportive and knowledgeable. When my wife ordered tarantulas for my birthday, they were incredibly helpful, even holding the order and timing the shipping so that it arrived on my birthday. Even my mother, a lifelong arachnophobe, now gets me gift certificates to Jamie’s store for holidays and birthdays. She’s become a trusted vendor for my entire family.

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2 thoughts on “Jamie’s Tarantulas…My Favorite Place to Shop!

  1. This is a great review. I chose to order from her for all of the reasons you listed above. The one stop shop for everything I needed and the lowest shipping price is what sold me on ordering from her rather than someone else.


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