Jamie’s Tarantulas Annual Black Friday Sale

If you’re looking for info on the Black Friday sale for 2016, click this link and scroll to the bottom!

Dealer Jamies

It’s that time of the year again!

Jamie’s Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale has become a bit of tradition in my house, and in the days leading up to Thanksgiving I’m always eagerly awaiting the newsletter announcing what she’ll be offering this time around. Over the years, I’ve snagged some great deals from this sale, including my female B. smithi and my Euathlus sp. reds.

Well, the preliminary list for this year is out, and there look to be some cool offerings and great deals for this year. For those desperately looking for Euathlus sp. reds, it appears that she might have both larger specimens and slings available.

Not only will Jamie be offering several females for purchase, but slings and her gorgeous enclosures will also be available for discounted prices (her large acrylic enclosure is $69, which is a great deal). If you see something on the list you’re interested in, I would encourage you to check the site frequently this evening to make sure that you’re able to snag your desired tarantula. Some of the more sought-after specimens tend to sell out quickly.

Read the announcement below!


Jamie’s Tarantulas Black Friday Sale starts Thursday, Thanksgiving day at 7pm PST

All our favorites at the best prices of the year. All cages on sale!

Adult cage $69

XL cage $165

Juvenile $12.95

Spiderling $6.95

Our tarantula sale list is still growing but here’s what we have so far:

B. smithi females, males and spiderlings

GBB female and spiderlings

Euathlus sp. red females, male and spiderlings

versicolor female and spiderlings

B. albopilosum females & and males

B. boehmei female and males

A. geniculata adult pair

P. regalis female – bred!

avicularia females and pairs

G. porteri/rosea “pink” and G. rosea “RCF” females and pairs

E. truculentus females

E. scrofus/P. scrofa females and mature pair

A. francki females

A. chalcodes females and males

P. murinus females and males

P. irminia females and males

L. violaceopes female

Discounted Specials of: A. ezendami, A. metallica, A. amazonica, P. irminia, L. parahybana, P. pulcher, Orphnaecus sp. ‘blue’ , G. pulchripes, b. albopilosum, “lemon patch”, N. Chromates, G. rosea, T. ockerti, P. metallica, A. versicolor, Euathlus Sp. Red

Spiderlings galore! M. balfouri, A. geniculata, P. fasciata, E. murinus, P. vittata, A. ezendami, A. metallica, A. amazonica, A. diversipes, P. irminia, L. parahybana, B. smithi, A. seemanni, A. seemanni “blue”, A. ulrichea, B. vagans, P. ludardi, Chilobrachys dyscolus blue, S. calceatum, P. pulcher, Orphnaecus sp. ‘blue’ , G. pulchripes, b. albopilosum, “lemon patch”, N. Chromates, G. rosea, T. ockerti, I. mira, E. cyanognathus, E. murinus, H. lividum, P. smithi, P. metallica, A. versicolor, Euathlus Sp. Red & much, much more!

The full tarantula list with pricing is coming soon.


On a side note, other dealers are running Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales as well, including Ken the Bug Guy and Stamps Tarantulas. I would encourage folks to sign up to their newsletters to receive info and any discount codes. This is a great time of the year to get some wonderful deals on Ts.

Happy shopping (and Happy Thanksgiving)!

2 thoughts on “Jamie’s Tarantulas Annual Black Friday Sale

  1. Happy Thanksgiving Tom! 😀 I was psyched to get the email from Jamie’s last night about this. Didn’t really think I’d be black Friday shopping for Ts, but it sounds like it’ll be a fun way to spend the evening with my girlfriend. Here’s to getting all the new Ts you want and I’m hoping we’ll get a “new acquisitions” video when they arrive! 🙂


    • And a Happy Thanksgiving to you! Great to hear from you. Yup, I was JUST saying to my wife yesterday that she hadn’t released the newsletter yet, and I was worried that she wouldn’t have the sale. Literally, two minutes later I got the email. 🙂 I hope you two pick up some great ones as well…and I sure will!


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