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    • Hi, Damian. Well, when they are dehydrated, their abdomens can look deflated, they become sluggish, and their legs may eventually curl inward like the “death curl”. What make you think that your tarantula is dehydrated? What species is it? Do you have a photo?

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      • Okay so the show has come and gone. Couldn’t find my most wanted new friend but did leave with a couple additions. I ended up with a Hapalopus sp. large and a G. Pulchripes. Dealt with Kamel Spiders, and was really impressed by them. Their website is going through some work it seems but I couldn’t recommend them more.


      • Oh, man…I LOVE the Hapalopus sp. larges. Such a unique tarantulas species. They may be small, but they sure pack a bit of ‘tude! 🙂 I have three G. pulchripes as well, and it is an awesome species. Of course, I have two that refused to grow for about two years. lol. What sizes did you get. I just checked out Kamel Spiders’ site; I’ll definitely see what they have when they finish with the site. I’m always on the lookout for new vendors. Congrats on your new Ts!


      • The pumpkin patch is about an inch and ate a small cricket within 24 hours of purchase. The Chaco is only about 1/3 of an inch and hasn’t eaten yet. The vendor said it has been eating prefilled crickets so that is what I tried. Will give it another shot Saturday. Did you keep your chaco’s enclosures damp when small spiderlings?


      • Those pumpkin patches are little animals with the food. Lol. Mine are eating and growing machines. My pulchripes? Not so much. hahaha With my chacos, I kept one corner moist and once a week I would dribble some water on the fake plant and cork bark. They did find that way, even when the furnace kicked on during the winter and dried out the air.

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      • Hahaha! That’s awesome! You’d better start buttering her up before that little gem arrives. I’m thinking flowers and dinner to start? 😉

        I just ordered seven new ones (which my wife gave me a bit of a hard time about), and I ended up getting FOUR freebies. I was lucky that my wife seemed to find humor in it. lol

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      • Hey Tom,
        It doesnt look like I received your email today. I checked my inbox and my spam folder, your email was not in either. Can you please give it another try? I’d appreciate it man. Thanks a lot!


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