P. cancerides Fresh After Molt

P. cancerides Juvenile

Newly-Molted P. cancerides Juvenile (3″)

After just writing that I was excited to see how my two P. cancerides juveniles would look after their latest molts, I discovered that one had actually molted yesterday. In this photo, you can see the freshly-molted specimen standing next to its discarded exoskeleton. Not only did this particular T go from about 2.5″ to 3+” with this latest molt, but it is also now sporting more of an adult coloration. Gone are those beautiful blues replaced by a more muted blue-gray with striping and reddish hairs on the abdomen. Still, I’m loving this new look, and once again, I’m floored by not only the new length, but also the girth attained through this latest molt.

As its current enclosure is only about 4″ square, he/she will be getting  rehouse as soon as the new exoskeleton has hardened.

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