P. cancerides Feeding Video

Dinner Time!

One of the thrills of keeping tarantulas, in my opinion, is watching them stalk and snatch their prey. I know for anyone who doesn’t keep Ts, this probably sounds a bit strange or sick even. However, it’s not that I don’t feel a bit of sympathy for the prey items after they are unwittingly dropped into an enclosure, or when they wander around the unfamiliar terrain, blissfully unaware that they are mere inches away from their doom. No, I do feel bad for the poor roaches, crickets, or meal worms.

However, I’d be lying if I didn’t admit to holding my breath a bit in anticipation as one of these brutal hunters senses its next meal. I can’t help but to get a bit excited watching these fascinating predators in action.

Recently, I was able to capture my 3″ P. cancerides as it ambushed its latest meal, a large cricket. As mentioned in earlier posts, I find these particular spiders go after prey with an energy and ferocity that surpasses that of many of the other species I keep. Although the following video doesn’t depict a particularly impressive take-down, I still think it’s a fascinating look at one of these amazing creatures as it captures its prey (and a healthy reminder of just how fast these guys can move). Enjoy!

Note: My apologies for the music; I was so absorbed in catching this feeding, that I didn’t realize that my three-year-old was screaming in the background. Trust me…the music is better.

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