Pet Center USA – A Review

Dealer Pet Center Us

In an earlier post about how to shop for tarantulas online, I provided a list of reputable dealers. Among the names I included was Pet Center USA, a vendor I had yet to make a purchase from, but whose stellar reputation demanded that it be included on the list.

Well, I can now wholeheartedly recommend Pet Center USA from my own experiences.

An amazing selection and a great reputation.

Pet Center USA is run by Paul Becker, a very well respected and knowledgeable tarantula dealer. At any given time, Paul offers a staggering number of tarantula species for sale, and his prices are often lower than many other dealers. He is also recognized as being very approachable and helpful to anyone new to the hobby or even more established collectors who have questions.

When I noticed that he was offering Poecilotheria hanumavilasumica slings at an extremely reasonable $55, I knew the time had come to make my first purchase from him. After finding C. dyscolus blue slings on sale for the holidays, I placed my first order for two of each species.

Paul’s communication was excellent throughout. He responded to correspondences quickly, and his  emails were always very affable and polite. I always enjoy when a vendor makes a little small talk, as it adds a personal touch to the transaction (and increases the likelihood that I will buy there again in the future). As an added courtesy, Paul also sends out an informative email after you order which details how he keeps the tarantulas and includes directions on how to properly rehouse them. I thought this was a very nice touch, and I expect this information would be especially appreciated by someone new to the hobby.

My order was shipped promptly via FedEx overnight, and it arrived at my local FedEx facility on a Tuesday. As expected, the packing was topnotch; the specimens were shipped in a foam-lined cardboard box with a heat pack included (temps were currently in the 30s in my state). The spiders were packed securely in plastic dram bottles, which were then wrapped up and taped in newspaper. The rest of the box was also padded out with damp newspaper.

My package of new Ts from Pet Center USA.

My package of new Ts from Pet Center USA.

Pet Center sent the Ts in a foam lined box with a heat pack and damp newspaper for padding.

Pet Center sent the Ts in a foam lined box with a heat pack and damp newspaper for padding.

When I opened up the package, I was delighted to discover that Paul also included a freebie (and who doesn’t love a freebie?). I now have an adorable little Aphonopelma anax sling. Very cool.

For extra protection, the bottles were wrapped and taped in newspaper.

For extra protection, the bottles were wrapped and taped in newspaper.

My new Ts still in their dram bottles.

My new Ts still in their dram bottles.

The animals themselves arrived in great shape, and all five have been rehoused and fed. For these specimens, I decided to follow Paul’s instruction and just pop the top, pull the paper towel plug, and let the animals come out on their own (this is a technique I’ve also used in the past with aggressive/defensive species). Four of the Ts were out and had secreted themselves away by the morning. The fifth, an adorable little P. hanumavilasumica sling, had adapted its shipping container as a hide. Oh, well!

A perfect experience all around!

For those looking for a tarantula vendor with a great selection, low prices, great packing, and fantastic service, Pet Center USA is definitely a shop to check out. And, if you’re new to the hobby or just have questions about tarantulas, don’t hesitate to drop Paul a line.

One of my C. dyscolus slings purchased from Pet Center USA

One of my C. dyscolus slings purchased from Pet Center USA

5 thoughts on “Pet Center USA – A Review

  1. Got my red knee and curly hair from him almost 15 years ago, and they are full grown females now! He went out of his way, and bent over backwards to help me out, even remembering me when I came back to his shop a year later. He thought I needed a T with some attitude since I wanted something different and was already a good 6-7 years into the hobby at that point, so he GAVE me an OBT!! 🙂

    I think this guy is the best of the best, hands down!!!!


    • Hi, Matt.

      Thanks so much for commenting. That’s a great story! Paul is awesome; I agree completely. It’s funny, because I just got my latest shipment of tarantulas from him today. Great selection, great prices, and just a truly nice and helpful guy.

      Thanks again!



  2. Back in the pokey game with a vengeance. heh. Paul’s prices are outstanding, and he does the 2-3day air ship (woot!). I always put a hold on the packages at my FEDEX which is an airconditioned facility. Saves enough to buy another T. 😉

    1 ea. Poecilotheria miranda(1-1.5in) —-I’ve been searching for one for 2+ months. Been scarce lately.
    1 ea. Poecilotheria regalis(1.5-2in)
    1 ea. Poecilotheria tigrinawesseli(1in) —couldn’t find this one for awhile as well.
    1 ea. Lampropelma sp.Borneo Black(1-1.5in)
    1 ea. Grammostola pulchripes(1/4-1/2in) -freebie.

    Thanks for putting up the review. That was ’nuff for me Tom.


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