Pamphobeteus sp. duran – Husbandry Notes Video

A gorgeous and hardy Pampho!

With some encouragement from my 10-year-old daughter (who’s a bit YouTube obsessed), I’ve decided to post some more videos and work on my channel a bit. I’ve already filmed a couple transfer videos, and I’ll be doing some fun feeding features as well. However, as someone just asked me about how I care for my Pamphobeteus species, I figured it would be cool to start with  a husbandry video about my Pamphobeteus species duran.

Instead of doing a normal husbandry blog, I broke out my Nokia 1520 and filmed the little guy/gal as I spoke. I won’t lie … this was a bit more fun than just sitting in front of the computer and writing about them. Hopefully, this is entertaining and not too irritating…


Pamphobeteus sp. duran

Pamphobeteus sp. duran

2 thoughts on “Pamphobeteus sp. duran – Husbandry Notes Video

  1. I loved the video, eating or not, Any video with a wonderful big pampho is great to see. I also appreciated the insights you mentioned. Great information for anyone new to pampho t’s. Really enjoyed watching this before deciding to order P. Duran to add to my vast t collection. Thank you , I am ordering one or possibly two.


    • Hello!

      Thanks so much for commenting and for the kind words! I’m so glad that you found this useful. I agree…pamphos are amazing. Between these and my P. antinous, I’m definitely a fan. And with so many species now available in the hobby, there are certainly a lot of them to collect. Thanks again!


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