Tom’s Big Spiders – Logo Poll!

If you could spare a moment…

Okay, I have a quick favor to ask from my followers. I’ve long meant to design better logo/header design for Tom’s Big Spiders. The headers I use on my website and YouTube page were thrown together rather quickly and were only meant to be temporary. I’ve spent the last couple days working on some designs, and I was hoping to get some opinions. If you could take a moment and vote on which one you like the most, I’d be very appreciative. Or, if you like more than one, please feel free to leave a comment. I could easily use one for a header design and one for an avatar.

Thank you so much to whomever takes the time to vote!

~ Tom




Design One


Design Two


Design Three

21 thoughts on “Tom’s Big Spiders – Logo Poll!

  1. The first logo really drew my eye so I would say that one for sure. The second with TBS screams avatar to me. For the record my wife ranked the first as her top choice as well.


    • The first one was my first attempt, and I wasn’t sure people were going to like it. So far, it’s in the lead. The voting is actually quite close. I was thinking avatar when I did the second one, so that make me feel like I did something right. haha Thanks, bud!


  2. I had commented here before but wasn’t logged into wordpress…

    I like Logo 1 for an avatar and Logo 3 for a header, personally.


  3. I Like logo No.1, the combination of the colors are very nice. Maybe you can combine the Logo 1(Text and color) and Logo 2 (Regalis) as the background of the word BIG with white stroke so that the word big will not overlap on your background. Just a suggestion> 🙂 but all your logos look great! Good Job men!


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