Poll – Was Your First Tarantula a “Beginner Species”?

If I could get just a moment of your time …

This is going to be a short and sweet blog post. Although I’m working on an article that the results of this poll would be really useful for, this question comes more from curiosity.

How many of you in the hobby began with a “beginner species?”

For the sake of argument, let consider the following a “beginner species.”

All Aphonopelma, Brachypelma, and Grammostola species, C. cyaneopubescens (GBB), Avicularia avicularia or metallica, Lasiodora parahybana (LP), E. capestratus, and Euathlus species.

And, for the more “advanced” species, let’s go with:

All “baboon” species, Pamphobeteus species, Phormictopus species, Nhandu species, Acanthoscurria species, Hapalopus species, Tapinauchenius species, Psalmopoeus species, and Poecilotheria species, and any other “Old World” tarantula not listed above.

If you’re not sure where yours falls, please take a moment to put it in the comment section.

And, anyone who wants can also name their first species in the comment section.


I’d really LOVE to get as many people as possible to answer this to get an accurate look at what the percentage is. Feel free to share this with anyone who keeps Ts and might be interested in participating.



7 thoughts on “Poll – Was Your First Tarantula a “Beginner Species”?

  1. I’d ordered a G. pulchripes and freebie OBT from Kelly Swift, but while that was in transit, purchased 2 G. porteris from Petco during their “reptile roundup” 50% off sale. I still say the OBT is a cool “beginner”. -snicker.


  2. My first was a Grammostola rosea and I just got my husband a about 1/2in Euathlus sp. Red for his first…although technically they all are “ours”. I’m only a little over a year into the hobby and so far keep a total of 17 different species, 33 total tarantulas (counting Spookly even though you have him).


  3. Hello Tom.
    My very first tarantula was a tiny baby Brachypelma boehmei (sold to me as a smithi by the pet shop). I kept it for two years alone until it began to go nuts: I rescued an adult Brachypelma smithi from a smuggler (arrested at the border), then one year later bought a Lasiodora Parahybana and a Theraphosa stirmi… and a few more months later a Pterinochilus murinus. These were my first Ts. In all honesty, I couldn’t say I was experienced enough to have a stirmi or a murinus, but it all went well: both are still alive and thriving in my collection. Nowadays, I keep 50+ different spp.

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