Tarantul.as – An Amazing New Image Sharing Site for Tarantula Enthusiasts

An interview with Jason Calhoun, creator of Tarantul.as

Recently, I got an email from Jason Calhoun, an experienced web developer and new hobbyist who was looking to debut an image-hosting website for tarantula enthusiasts cleverly called Tarantul.as. As I had never quite cottoned to Instagram, and I found using Photobucket to host the images I posted on message boards to be a bit of a pain, I was very intrigued. After all, a social networking site geared specifically towards posting tarantula photos seemed just too good to be true.

After setting up my account and spending a bit of time uploading my photos, I was left incredibly impressed. The site is fast, fun, and super-simple to use. In less than a half-hour’s time, I had a beautiful gallery featuring my favorite spider pics. Even better, after some folks joined me on the site, I was able to try some of the fun social features, including liking other photos and commenting. Personally, I think that Jason has created something very cool for the tarantula hobbyist. Wanting to learn more about this site and it’s creation, I tapped Jason for a quick interview.


The design is slick and easy to navigate.

Thanks for taking a moment to chat! So, first off, how did you get into the hobby?

I have always loved animals and nature. When I was younger, I owned many exotic reptiles, snakes, scorpions, bugs etc. It has been a while since I have been in the hobby and recently gained interest again, but this time with tarantulas.

Where did you get the idea for Tarantul.as?

I’ve been developing websites and software for many years and have actually been involved with similar projects in the past. I’m always looking for a way to create something that would fulfill a personal need and develop it into something that would be useful to others as well. I hate using the big name photo hosting services, so I thought why not just make one myself. And what better way to give back to the community than to create a free service that’s fun to use!

I’m assuming that this was a huge undertaking. How long does a site like this take to set up?

It’s a constant thing. It can take dozens of hours to write the code but there are always bugs to fix and new features to implement. A good website is never finished. Fortunately the hard part is over and now I’m having a blast seeing all of the new members share their collections with the world.

What was your biggest challenge creating the site?

Getting people to use it. This could be the best service in the world but that doesn’t mean anything unless people actually use it. It needed to be simple, fun, functional and look cool. I think that has been accomplished. I was confident that once people started using the service, they would enjoy it and recommend it to their friends.

Use it to host your pics (convenient embed codes provided!)

Use it to host your pics (convenient embed codes provided!)

Well, hopefully we can get word out. I know after I posted about it on Facebook, several folks responded enthusiastically to the idea. I’m definitely not the only hobbyist excited about it.

Besides the obvious perk of being able to share your tarantula photos with other hobbyists, what other features does the site offer?

It has a social network feel to it as well. You can follow other members, like their photos and comment back and forth. It has been complimented by being called “the Instagram of tarantulas” by some. You’re able to be very social or simply create a private album just for photo storage.

Personally, I LOVE that I can use it to host my images as well. Adios, Photobucket! You’ve mentioned that you have some more fun ideas for the site down the road? Care to give us any hints?

I have some really great ideas to expand to more than just a social network. Maybe even have ways to buy/sell/borrow tarantulas in a safer way than what’s currently out there. Most forums offer classifieds to accomplish this but they’re usually just a Craigslist style posting. I think I have a better way to do this. But this all depends on how the site develops over time and if the demand is there. What path the site takes will be largely based on my members feedback so I encourage everyone to check out the service and let me know what you think!

Ideally, what do you see Tarantul.as becoming in the tarantula community?

I don’t want try and put any other site out of business. I want to co-exist and be another great resource to the community. At the same time I wasn’t going to just do the same thing everyone else does and put up another forum with a bunch of threads which can be confusing to newcomers. It needed to be unique and simple to use. My goal is for tarantula.as to be THE go-to place for dealers & hobbyists to host their photo’s, research tarantulas and chat with other enthusiasts. And if someone just wants a neat URL to showcase their tarantula pics and doesn’t care about all that other stuff, then I’m fine with that too 🙂

Obviously, someone who spends the time to create a site just for tarantula enthusiasts must have an interest in the animals. Which species do you currently keep?

It all started in December 2016 when I purchased a Brachypelma smithi sling. Since then, I have acquired an Aphonopelma chalcodes, Avicularia avicularia, Avicularia versicolor, Monocentopus balfouri, and a Poecilotheria metallica. The first batch of many more to come, I’m sure!

Oh, yeah…MANY more. After all, the more tarantulas you have, the more photos you’ll be able to post! In closing, is there anything you’d like to add that I’ve missed?

If you’re reading this and own a tarantula, I invite you to try out tarantula.as. Sign up for free, upload some photos and show the world your beautiful pet!

I’d also like to publicly thank you for everything you have done for the community. Your great videos and information on your blog have guided me in my decisions on species, housing, feeding etc. Without people like you selflessly giving back to the community, ideas like tarantula.as would have never been realized.

Thanks so much, Jason! And thank YOU for taking the time to set up such an awesome site. I know I’m hooked already, and I have a funny feeling others will find it just as cool!

Come join me at Tarantul.as .com !

If you join, make sure to look me up!

If you join, make sure to look me up!


3 thoughts on “Tarantul.as – An Amazing New Image Sharing Site for Tarantula Enthusiasts

  1. Jason is great! After joining the site I realized I would not be able to utilize the comment feature since I do not/will not have a Facebook account, so I messaged him feedback regarding that. An hour later not only did he respond to my feedback, but he implemented a different commenting system that enabled me to use that site feature!

    And I completely agree…the site itself is superb and I HIGHLY recommend it. It’s so easy to use on both computer and mobile devices. Added bonus–you know everyone that uses it actually enjoys seeing tarantula photos, so it saves you from the “kill it with fire”-type comments 😛

    You should definitely give a video recommendation for this as well, hopefully attract more users!


  2. Ahem…is this microphone on? *tap tap*.
    Okay. Hey there! I’m Casey, 22+ year IT guy and veteran of social media stuff ovah’ zee years.

    I signed up after the “about us” was filled in. Love the idea, the layout, and the ease of use.
    I’m uploading my best stuff here.

    But a small warning for folks: Myspace. Yahoo. Digg. Friendster. Ello….

    Sites like this becomes expensive to run and host…especially as the user numbers climb. I wonder how the author is going to monetize this…or if said creator is rich and doesn’t care….

    Having shared it to several 15k+ member tarantula groups, bandwidth and storage for the site owner could get big…after all pictures stored at high quality can really start adding up quickly when multiplied by a lot of users. (And I can see this getting quite a lot of users.)

    Having had these thoughts roll through my brain, I’m happy to see this and am using it. I’ve also requested “nested folders” to allow the albums to subdivide pictures to allow for stuff such as Tarantulas > Genus > Species > specimens. Or Enclosures > arboreal > terrestrial > fossorial. (my pet peeve about most “albums” in the social media side…the lack of that.)



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