Have You Ever Been Bit By a Tarantula? A Survey

If you’re a hobbyist, please take a few seconds to participate!

Okay, I’m hoping to get as much participation as possible on this, so my sincere thanks to anyone who takes  a moment to answer or share these two polls.

The first question pertains to whether or not you’ve ever experienced a bite under any circumstances. I hear a lot of folks, mostly those new to the hobby, make statements like, “it’s only a matter of time until I get bit.” Do bites happen? Sure. But my belief is that they are not very common. So, who out there has experienced the business end of a tarantula?

The second question pertains to one of the hobby’s hot button issues; namely, are beginners who work with Old World species prone to getting bit? Logic would seem to dictate that someone used to slower, less defensive species could easily find themselves on the receiving end of a fast and feisty Old Word’s fangs. However, is that really the case? So, for those of you who picked up your first advanced species before you had at least a year of experience keeping tarantulas, did you end up with a bite? For the sake of argument, let’s consider an “advanced” species as any Old World tarantula.


This is by no means a scientific survey; I’m just really interested in an approximation of just how likely it is that someone gets bit. Personally, I like to assure folks that if they are careful, the odd of getting bit should be very slim.

Again, a huge THANK YOU to all who participate!


2 thoughts on “Have You Ever Been Bit By a Tarantula? A Survey

  1. Great survey & interresting results that seems to confirm that if you do your research properly from multiple sources then you can actually start (Like i did) with for example pokies. In my case 4 of them. BTW, i got a Heteroscodra maculata adult female 5″ legspan. I’ve been supercareful following your example & put the little box she came in into my 16 litre arboreal box & let get climb out on het own. She’s actually not skittish at all. She’s been a absolute & calm sweetheart with the whole rehousing. Thanx 4 teaching proper methods of rehousing potentially dangeous species. I’ll be drever grateful to you & your videos on Youtube. Take good care of yourself
    ’til next time. ❤🤗🕷🇸🇪


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